( Update)Nephew Henk Tepper Canada is free!!

(A news conference is scheduled for Monday with Tepper,sister and his lawyers in Grand Falls. Een persconferentie is gepland op maandag Henk Tepper,zuster met de advocaten //CBC news)

Neef Henk met familie weer bij elkaar in Ottawa, na aankomst vliegtuig uit Libanon//Henk together again with his family in Ottawa, after arriving plane from Lebanon

Press Statement From the Family

March 31, 2012


In March 2011 we heard the horrible news that our brother, son, father, husband, uncle, friend Henk Tepper was detained in a Lebanese Jail.

373 days later we have a joyful reunion and Henk is back on Canadian soil.

I want to take this time to thank the Canadian public who has kept us in their prayers and thoughts. The last time when I went to visit Henk in Beirut I met two stewards on the air Canada flight and once they found out that I was Henk’s sister they came over and talked to me because they had followed Henk’s story. There are so many strangers who have come up to us and showed us their concerns. The Canadian public has kept us going.

I also want to thank the team who brought Henk back home; Joe Karam, the lawyer from Beirut; Jim Mockler the lawyer from Saint John; Senators Pierrette Ringuette and Mac Harb; Liberal MP Dominic LeBlanc. The team has worked diligently and has successfully brought Henk back to Canada.

Last but not least I would like to thank all the people in Lebanon who believed in Henk and who made it possible for Henk to be with his family at Easter next week. The people in Beirut have been very caring and courageous to make this happen and you will be in our thoughts forever.

At this time I am going to ask the media to respect our privacy and when the family is ready for a public statement the media will be contacted. Thank you.


10 thoughts on “( Update)Nephew Henk Tepper Canada is free!!


    Geweldig! Van harte gefeliciteerd!

    Dear Henk,

    I hope your flight went ok! Welcome home! I hope things will go up from now on! Wow! At last!

  2. Super. Eindelijk, maar toch! Ontzettend fijn dat Henk vrij is. En nu verder….. sjonge jonge, ik geef het je te doen.

  3. Hello Henk,
    Finally but yet ….. first grief and then there will be many terrible anger of yours and many family and other persons who have stood with you, we wish you lots of strength to tap back in our little world …., but boy never go there for this kind of countries…..

  4. Chris, dat is ook telkens het geval geweest, maar de kop d’r veur en eens komt alles goud. Naar dergelijke landen gaan, never…………….

  5. Henk ik zie dat ik hier een reactie kan geven, geweldig dat je nachtmerrie daar over is kerel……sterkte de komende tijd om de boel weer op de rails te krijgen.



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